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1604 Hampton Ave. NW
Aiken, SC 29801
Phone: (803) 642-8722




The Company Background
Canopex was formed as a direct result of industry observations by its sister company, Enloe Aluminum, Inc. Enloe, a South Carolina company, was created in 1965 to install aluminum siding on residential housing. Over the years, Enloe migrated from residential to commercial installations and eventually progressed into commercial canopy construction in 1978. This progression developed quite naturally through various phases of construction, including window replacements, sunroom additions, metal architectural roofing, residential carports, and commercial walkway covers. With 28 years experience in canopy design and construction, Enloe is uniquely equipped to assess industry trends, identify problem areas, and develop unique solutions. The formation of Canopex is a perfect example of the creativity and progressive style of Enloe’s management.

In the last few years, Enloe management observed an increasing trend in partial or complete structural failures within the canopy construction and re-imaging industry. Enloe recognized that the liability associated with these failures is significant for the oil companies, the marketers, the retailers, the insurance companies, and the public. To mitigate the risk for all parties involved, Enloe identified the need for a comprehensive non-destructive inspection program. Canopex was developed to provide a method of addressing this risk by employing proven inspection techniques to evaluate the integrity of the canopy support structure.

Founded due to the progressive response of the Enloe management team, Canopex is a company that meets a real need for the ongoing success of the convenience store industry and the safety of its customers.

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