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  The Canopex Answer

The Problem
When canopies first began to appear above petroleum dispensers, little consideration was given to construction techniques and longevity. Providing shelter for the customer and displaying the marketer’s brand were the primary concerns.

Today, canopies are starting to fail due to poor original design or construction, the additional weight of branding or re-imaging material, and a lack of maintenance. The potential liability for property damage or bodily injury from such failures can be very significant.

The Solution
The good news is that you can minimize your risk by using Canopex’s patent-pending comprehensive canopy inspection program. Our certified personnel provide proactive, professional solutions for those whose business, assets, and reputations are at risk. Canopex incorporates non-destructive testing to identify canopy structural defects before they become problematic. Our technicians use the latest technological tools to help make our inspections efficient and effective.

Canopex produces a thorough, readable report, detailing any observed deficiencies and providing recommendations for corrective action. Customers are then empowered to make critical decisions relative to the maintenance of their canopy, the value of their property, and the safety of their customers.

The Experts
Founded in 2005, Canopex performs inspection and engineering analysis of petroleum industry canopies. Canopex is the sister company of Enloe Aluminum, an industry pioneer with 28 years experience in canopy design, construction, repair, and re-branding. With the knowledge and experience of Enloe behind it, and a thoroughly developed business model for inspection services, Canopex is uniquely positioned to contribute to the ongoing success of the convenience store industry.

Canopex has developed a comprehensive inspection program, which incorporates non-destructive testing, to identify canopy structural defects. This inspection plan is offered to petroleum industry marketers and independent dealers whose business, assets, and reputation are at risk.

With partnered resources, Canopex is also able to perform maintenance to avoid interruption in service, saving time and money for our clients. At Canopex, we have identified the problem and developed the solution.
We truly are “the canopy experts.”

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